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Skarfe is Australia's premier scarf boutique. We source & select the finest scarves from around the world, and ship to your door for free. Skarfe also offers custom digital printing services & works with talented local artists on limited edition scarf collaborations.




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Image: Moschino

Image: Moschino

How to Care for a Scarf

There’s no denying it, you adore your growing scarf collection. You’ve possibly spent years collecting beautifully designed silk, cashmere, wool and cotton scarves and you want to maintain their great condition. Fortunately, it’s easy to keep your scarves gorgeous for decades with a proper care and washing routine. Let's touch on the basics of proper scarf care.


Always wash your scarves according to their label. If it says “dry clean only” then send it to the dry cleaner. Scarves that are hand-dyed should be especially looked after as their colours may bleed if washed incorrectly. 

Frequency of cleaning depends on the type of fabric used. A good rule of thumb is two to three times a season max. Also, avoid wringing out your scarf after cleaning. This causes damage and can disfigure the shape of your scarf. Often it's best just to give your scarf a thorough airing and steam. Don't have a steamer or busy travelling? No problem. Simply hang your scarf in a closed bathroom while showering, and the steam should help drop out any creases and wrinkles, while also removing odours.

Stain Removal

Clean stains only with bleach-free stain removers. Use a cotton swap to carefully apply the cleaner and use a small amount of water to rinse it clean. There are several excellent high-end soaps and washing products available. A great example are the Tocca Laundry Delicates, in beautiful fragrances and handy travel-size bottles.

For silk scarves in particular, a good washing substitute can be a dab of gentle hair shampoo in tepid water. Silk, after all, is a protein just like your hair. Rinse delicately, and lay flat to dry.


Properly storing your scarves is critical to their longevity. Delicate satin scarves need to be rolled and tucked away in a cool, dry area such as a drawer for proper keeping. Scarves that you wear daily can simply be draped over a hanger for safe keeping.

It’s imperative to keep your scarves out of direct sunlight so as to avoid discoloration of the fabric. A closet works well if you aren’t storing them in a drawer. We supply boxes with all scarf purchases at Skarfe, and encourage our clients to use them for storage. Cloves and cedar balls are excellent moth deterrents, and also help your scarves smell great. Keep some in your delicates drawer or wardrobe.


These are just the fundamentals to caring for your scarves. If you would like more information on fabric care, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at Skarfe. Otherwise, I wish you and your scarves a happy and long life!