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Skarfe is Australia's premier scarf boutique. We source & select the finest scarves from around the world, and ship to your door for free. Skarfe also offers custom digital printing services & works with talented local artists on limited edition scarf collaborations.


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Brad McGlashan


There can be no denying that Australia is the home of some of the worlds greatest treasures, but why, oh, why does it have to be so far away from everywhere else?! Unlike those lucky ones in the Northern Hemisphere, the mere exercise of jumping on a plane to visit a foreign land for a day or two, is not only exhausting but can be rather taxing on the bank account. But oh how we long to see more. While some of us armchair travellers may get our travel fix from Instagram or flicking through the pages of Gourmet Traveller, it is scarf label Bird & Knoll who satiates our wanderlust.

Each season they invite us to escape to far off lands, with their luxurious cashmere blend scarves acting like windows to different destinations around the world. This season they have provided us with a one-way ticket to Greece, Italy and Morocco. The images are so vivid, so enticing one can almost touch the trinkets hanging in a market stall in Athens; count the tiles paving the lofty heights of the Piazza del Duomo in Florence; and smell the North African flavours of a spice alley in a Moroccan souk. Like fabricated postcards, each scarf swirls into a blend of colours and patterns, capturing not only the essence and escapism of travel, but the visual make-up of what the world has to offer. Envelope yourself in the journey - no passport required!

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