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Skarfe is Australia's premier scarf boutique. We source & select the finest scarves from around the world, and ship to your door for free. Skarfe also offers custom digital printing services & works with talented local artists on limited edition scarf collaborations.


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Brad McGlashan

libertine collection scarf.jpg

Soaring thirty thousand feet about the earth, The Libertine Collections’ gravity-defying scarves take us to new heights. With names like ‘Cloud Baby’, ‘Plane Halo’ and ‘Australian Doodle’, they capture the natural patterns of the earth and sky, offering us a view we might never bare witness to. From this heavenly aspect, landing at Heathrow Airport suddenly becomes an experience of saintly light. The London Array, the world’s largest offshore wind farm, transforms into a flock of white birdlike motifs set upon a navy blue gradation.

Custom printed by Skarfe on premium quality silk habotai, each scarf evokes the mystery and ethereal beauty of our planet. A mercurial fluidity of colour and pattern, they prove that the earth is its own artistic master, especially when viewed from outside ourselves. The Libertine Collection offers us a chance to take flight. However you drape these scarves around your neck, consider them your very own sartorial wings.

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libertine collection silk scarf