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Skarfe is Australia's premier scarf boutique. We source & select the finest scarves from around the world, and ship to your door for free. Skarfe also offers custom digital printing services & works with talented local artists on limited edition scarf collaborations.


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Brad McGlashan

Silk Art Scarves by Phillip Ayers is a luxury Australian label specialising in the creation of wearable art. Now in its second year, the brand presents the new 2017 collection, a mix of tonal shades and vibrant patterns.

The signature style of the brand is the artist’s vision expressed through abstract photography. His unique perspective is captured and fabricated on a range of high quality silks. The artworks are vibrant, and express the energy of movement, colour and light. As an avid traveller, Phillip Ayers shoots in locations around the world, in situations that evoke passion and romance.

Skarfe's product edit focuses on Phillip's Royale Collection, all produced on a high quailty silk twill, with hand-rolled hems. Each limited edition scarf measures a classic 100cm square, for an elegant, everyday outfit accent.

Phillip Ayers only uses SEDEX Approved suppliers. The scarves are ethically produced and created using environmentally friendly dyes and natural materials. The scarves are produced in numbered editions and are hand finished with rolled hems. 

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Brad McGlashan

Victoria Smyth is a Potts Point local, whose many talents include nature photography. Victoria and her two gorgeous labradoodles were regular visitors at skarfe, then when we discovered her photography, we encouraged her to transform them into beautiful scarves! 

Having taken photographs in Aspen, Colorado, what inspired you to want to translate these onto scarves? Where did the idea stem from?

The photographs I took of bark from the Aspen tree were really taken out of curiosity.  The marks on the trunks were so expressive that I wanted to record them.  It was only when I saw the enlarged image that I saw how beautiful they were up close and so I wanted to do something with the images.  Scarves have long been an enjoyment of mine so the idea came quite naturally.

Your work started whilst on holiday in Aspen. However, your brand now also exemplifies the beauty of nature in Australia. When you photograph in Sydney, which suburbs attract you the most? And although your scarves are all quite distinct, they are all linked through your choice of subdued, natural colours. What attracts you to this tonal palette over more striking, vivid colours?

I photograph wherever I happen to be. It is almost an obsession now I’m afraid - even my friends are taking photos for me on their holidays and recommending places to visit.  Yes, my palette is quite subdued at the moment but that is largely the result of the nature of the bark.  In my next collection I will have some very beautiful and strong coloured scarves from photographs taken last summer in Sydney - the bark changes dramatically depending on the time of the year and some of the new bark is spectacular. 

Have you ever been formally trained in the arts or as a photographer?

I trained as an architect and then much, much later as a colour consultant.  I have worked in design and architectural heritage too but have always dabbled in design and colour. This latest project is a bit new as I have had to learn a bit about business!

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Brad McGlashan

Source: Instagram  Cat Roberts

Source: Instagram Cat Roberts

We've been a proud stockist of Sophie Robertson's diaphanous silk chiffon scarves for a good couple of years now. Uniquely Australian, the threatened Great Barrier Reef and its marine life inspired her brand's genesis. A summer essential, her sheer silk scarves seamlessly translate from street to shore. Join us for a quick Q&A with Sophie, and shop the range here

You’re originally from the U.K. and studied at St. Martins. How did you end up in Australia and what’s kept you here? 

Yes, that’s right. I grew up in Bournemouth – a seaside town - and I studied Fashion Photography at Central St Martins. It was the best education I could imagine, and not because I was taught how to take a photo, but the complete opposite – it was the sense of freedom and exploration that I enjoyed...

Why did I move to Australia?! Well honestly, I followed my heart ten years ago! That didn’t work out but I fell in love with Australia along the way - I think it mixes the two places I grew up - the seaside life and all of its activities of the South coast, and the lively city-life of London. I love the lifestyle in Sydney and the endless opportunities this country has given me; I am an official Australian now, and I feel blessed to call it home.

Tell me about your interest in diving and the marine world. Has it been a lifelong hobby, or something you discovered more recently? 

I grew up by the sea and I feel happy and calm when I am by the water. I seemed to always incorporate water into my work throughout my studies and had begun experimenting with using disposable underwater cameras for photo shoots in various swimming pools in London... I learnt how to scuba dive with underwater photography as a specialty and was offered a job to work on a live-on-board boat in Cairns and jumped at the chance. This is when I took the photos for the first collection. I haven’t been diving as much since being in Sydney – which is probably why the collections have been more ‘land based’ of late...! 

And what inspired you to turn your underwater photography into scarves, and how did you go about it? 

It seemed like a natural continuation -  I had all of these photos and I wanted to use the images to create something beautiful yet accessible, and to me, scarves were the solution. I was excited to start a fashion business and had plenty of friends who were also starting similar brands and small companies. After having done plenty of research and seen many many samples I decided that digitally printing onto silk best suited the images, and it has since developed into a larger range including chiffon scarves and sarongs. 

Running your own small business can certainly be difficult. What are some of the more challenging aspects and experiences you’ve come up against? 

Most definitely! I have had a lot of challenges over the last few years. Doing my accounts is definitely my least favourite aspect of running the business, but this is balanced out by the parts I enjoy, such as the social and creative elements. 

If you could dress any woman in one of your scarves, dead or alive, who would it be and why? 

Blondie, I really like her - she is the perfect mix of sophisticated, interesting and unexpected. I would love Lucy Turnbull to wear my scarves in Australia also.

Any exciting projects on the horizon? I’m looking forward to seeing your botanical range! 

Thanks Brad. Botanica is based on photos I took of The Royal Botanical Gardens - one of my favourite spots in the city. I am enjoying taking on collaborations – for example I am working on custom scarves for the new convention centre in Sydney, which will be inspired by its architecture, and am also working on a collection based on White Island in New Zealand.