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Skarfe is Australia's premier scarf boutique. We source & select the finest scarves from around the world, and ship to your door for free. Skarfe also offers custom digital printing services & works with talented local artists on limited edition scarf collaborations.



Brad McGlashan

Henri Matisse once said, “Creativity takes courage” and nothing could be truer about this look! Karen Black’s cashmere modal scarf acts as our muse with its painterly yet abstracted forms rendered in primary hues.

Designed to drape effortlessly around the neck, it sits atop Marni’s mustard yellow sweater dress, which we dare you to wear over patterned pants! Yes ladies! A dress over pants is the look du jour! It takes guts, but if your proportions are right it can be a winner. Either go for just above the knee or mid-calf to ankle length. The line is also key so choose either an A-line dress with skinny pants or a straight shift with wide legs.

To elongate your silhouette, opt for Dries Van Noten’s irresistible velvet pumps, with a heel so striking it deserves to be displayed on the mantle! Make the colours in Black’s scarf go ‘pop!’ with bold Perspex accessories like these cuffs by Lizzie Fortunato and Sylvio Giardina and earrings by All Things Mochi.

Simon Miller’s pony skin Bonsai bag breaks up the madness, while still offers an artistic edge with its speckled resin ring handles. Whack on a pair of crazy frames and you could almost be mistaken for one of Black’s colourful characters! 



Brad McGlashan


Our latest collaboration with local artist Karen Black is an ode to our home, Potts Point. With a host of eccentric personalities, from bankers and bums to dames and drag queens, Potts Point is integral to our D.N.A as it is with Karen’s.
Living in King’s Cross, her work ‘Licking the rain’ (2017) explores the imaginary lives of the people living in the apartment block she looks out upon. Playing out like a film, her invented cast of colourful characters comes alive on a generous swathe of cashmere modal. A rich melody of colour, shape and fabric sparks intrigue and entices us to imagine the stories that lie beneath!
Karen’s ability to communicate an inner human dialogue through her ambiguous shapes marries with the art of the scarf. Her Potts Point locals introduce themselves at various moments, depending on how the scarf is wrapped and draped. Working with Karen has been a symphonic relationship and one very close to our hearts.
‘Licking the rain’ (2017) was a finalist in this year’s Sulman Award at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Shop Karen Black's limited edition collaboration for SKARFE here



Brad McGlashan

Image Credit: Natasha Foster for SKARFE

Image Credit: Natasha Foster for SKARFE

Sydney-based artist Leah Fraser is a modern day Scheherazade. Her lyrical paintings tell stories of shaman-like characters travelling through mystic lands in search of spiritual metamorphosis. Decorated in ritualistic clothing, her figures seem to grow from nature, exploring mans deeply intrinsic relationship to the natural world.
Fraser’s latest work takes us on a journey, foraging through rich thickets strewn with wild flowers and humming with birds to discover a woman, pierced by arrows and yet, ‘Her beauty was visible still’. We have translated this dream-like scene onto a luxuriously soft cashmere modal scarf. Hand-fringed, it drapes beautifully on the body, exposing different elements of the artwork each time it is tied, whether it be a floral motif, trees against a dusk sky, or the Artemis-like figure herself. Fraser, be she story-teller, witch or artist, has shrouded us in a magical scarf worthy of a shaman. 

Shop the limited edition Leah Fraser cashmere blend scarf here!



Brad McGlashan


Accessories designer Amanda Testa takes us on a journey deep into the jungle with her eponymous Kingdom accessories range. Completely made by hand, the Sydney-based designer creates her unique handbag collection with captivating fabric appliqués inspired by Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Orientalist imagery.


For her first collaboration with Skarfe, Amanda has recreated three of her beguiling animal motifs on classic hand-rolled silk twill square scarves. Reminiscent of Henri Rousseau, each scarf comes alive with richly coloured butterflies, gorillas and tigers, peering out from an exotic jungle setting. Amanda Testa for Skarfe is an offering of unique totems and exotic talismans to covet and caress…which spirit animal will you wear?

Shop Amanda Testa for Skarfe here!



Brad McGlashan


New scarf label Frankie Peach is, quite frankly, just peachy! Much like the fruit itself, the scarves are sweet, fresh and utterly modern.

Founded by friends Sali Sasi and Charlotta Backlund, the duo boast impressive experience within the fashion industry— Sasi cofounded Stylerunner and Backlund has 10 years of styling experience, which recently included being fashion director of Cosmopolitan. It is this synergy that makes their scarves not only irresistible but clever and considered, as they offer everything from silk twillies and squares to generous cashmere pashminas.


With a little help from our custom printing services, each scarf is patterned with beautiful folkish hand-painted wild flowers, Cocteau-esque figures, stripes, spots and big beautiful blooms that seem to go ‘Bang! Bang!’. You can’t help but note the succulent little peach that accents each scarf and their clever titles, including ‘Bare It All’ for the naked dames and ‘In Plain Sight’ for the simple cashmere wrap.

Now we could stop there and let these delectable pieces speak for themselves, but how could we when they themselves speak for so much more? $1 from every Frankie Peach sale goes towards Pink Hope, a charity that empowers women to understand and reduce their risk of breast and ovarian cancer. What better reason is there to take a big juicy bite of this new label.

Shop the Frankie Peach scarf designs here or to learn more about Skarfe's custom scarf printing services email us at 



Brad McGlashan

Colour Chemistry Sway scarf 1.jpg

Grace Burzese is a Sydney-based abstract painter who revels in colour. We've recently had the opportunity to digitally print three of her original artworks as silk scarves, and couldn't be more thrilled with the result. We sat down with Grace for a quick Q&A to chat about her process, and to discuss how her work translates to textiles...

Grace, your work is a beautiful exploration of colour and form and it seems to truly come alive when rendered on silk. Was it this that made you decide to collaborate with us using our custom printing services?

First off, thank you. I have really enjoyed the process of seeing how the paintings translate onto silk. For a while I had been thinking of transferring some of my artworks onto fabric as an adjunct to my practice, so when I came across Skarfe and their custom printing services, it was such a great option. The quality of printing is so rich and detailed, that it provided a foolproof way to experiment and try a new venture. It meant I didn’t have to trail around to different printers searching for the results I was after and Brad is such an easy-going and lovely person to work with.

You have mentioned that abstraction allows you to explore your sense of being. Do you feel by turning your works into scarves you are adding another dimension to your work? Perhaps allowing others to explore their own sense of self just by wearing them, or seeing the work abstracted further as it is artfully tied?

Absolutely! Yes, to all of the above. Whether one is making art or collecting it, it’s an expression of self - what we like to surround ourselves with and how we adorn ourselves and lives. The scarves act as an extension to the practice - the articulation of forms and colours in space with fabric. A couple of years ago I made some sculptures which explored the idea of a three-dimensional painting, essentially veering the painting away from only existing within a two-dimensional picture plane. Similarly, through draping and folding, the scarves act as a soft sculpture. Because the materiality of the paint and mark making is rendered so richly, your eye follows those marks as actual forms and this adds another layer when wearing the scarf as parts stand out as being quite three dimensional.

As an artist what does it mean to you to see your work not just hanging on walls but turned into something more commercial, more viable – does it change the way you approach your practice?

The work I make is process based and all about experimentation and play. I love the making aspect of it. Turning paintings into scarves is another avenue to maintain my creative practice. The scarves are essentially limited edition prints of the work, but one you can wear and play with. Being an artist and having gallery shows is wonderful, however, one of the best parts of this is when a work sells and you get to see it live through someone else. It’s always such a joy to come across your artwork in someone’s home or work environment. Making scarves allows this process to be a lot more accessible. That’s one of the reasons I created the hashtag #creatingcolourchemistry. I sincerely would love to see how people style themselves or objects around them with the scarves. And then in a way, it becomes a moving, morphing installation. I want to encourage people to bring beauty, colour and art into their lives. To have fun with it.

How would you like people to interpret your scarves? 

I’d like people to primarily interpret the scarves as utilitarian pieces of art. To enjoy them, but not be too precious with them, let them become a part of your everyday expression of self.

Check out Grace's gorgeous new scarf range here, or learn more about our custom scarf printing here

Colour Chemistry Dappled scarf 1.jpg


Brad McGlashan

Victoria Smyth’s ‘Hong Kong Shutter Scarf’ is the scarf about town -

Uptown meets Downtown. An urban theme swirls into a bold combination of oranges, greens and greys, lending itself to a myriad of outfit options.

For the Uptown woman, tie it over Lanvin’s ‘throw-on-and-go’ khaki dress; give the look a glamorous twist with Simon Harrison’s intricate bear cuff and claw earrings (these pieces will stop people in their tracks!). A sharp pointed toe flat is a MUST in every wardrobe and these two offerings from Mercedes Castillo and Malone Souliers are both chic and contemporary. Finish the look with a pair of cat-eye sunnies and Fendi’s new Dotcom bag - subtle enough to compliment the patterns in the scarf and also a worthy statement investment.

Now, for the Downtown girl. Look no further than Givenchy’s paillette dress— for who can resist a bit of sparkle! Dare to wear this piece during the day by donning a pair of pristine kicks and twisting the scarf into a turban. Pared-back jewellery, such as MPNT’s single earring and Sarah and Sebastian’s ring keeps the look sharp and modern, while Fendi’s fluro baguette teamed with furry friend or Shrimps' vintage-inspired beaded bag adds a quirky finish. Uptown, downtown all-around-town Victoria Smythe’s scarf is the working accessory.

Shop Victoria Smyth's Hong Kong Scarf here!


Brad McGlashan

Lauren Webster is a Sydney-based artist and creative, known as Lauren & The Lost Boys. Her graphic work has lent itself to a number of collaborations, with fashion labels, surfboard and skateboard brands, photographers, object designers, jewellers, interior decorators, magazines and events.

Lauren recently reached out to us to ask about turning one of her amazing designs into a silk scarf. And we couldn't be more pleased with the result! 

Lauren's 'Protea Impala' started out as an original ink on paper artwork, and at skarfe we've digitally printed the design to a luxurious silk twill with hand-rolled hems. Definitely one of the coolest neck-scarves we've made to date! 

Lauren's instagram is a constant source of inspiration or shop the scarf on her online store. For more information about skarfe's custom printing read about it over here, or just drop us a line at We're happy to chat! 


Brad McGlashan

Escape with the new summer scarf range from Bird & Knoll. From South African Safaris to Aperols on the Amalfi Coast, the new Spring Summer collection, 'Days Like These' has you covered in their signature oversized cashmere blend.

Perhaps one of skarfe's most popular scarf ranges, Bird & Knoll tie together two great passions of ours; travel and scarves. Each unique design is a snapshot of an exotic time and place, and can be used as a scarf, sarong or wrap. 

Indulge your wanderlust & check out 'Days Like These' here.


Brad McGlashan

It’s time to play dress up!  Fun, frivolous and oh-so fancy, Karen Mabon’s Fancy Dress Silk Scarf is the perfect accoutrement to put a smile on the ol’ dial. Christopher Kane’s simple shift dress plays the perfect backdrop to bring out the zesty orange hues in Mabon’s scarf. Taking inspiration from the terrier-dressed-as-lobster, we have teamed it with Yazbukey’s shell bag and coral-inspired earrings. We can’t resist new and exciting labels, so look to Poppy Lissiman for a pair of out-there cat-eyes (the dogs be damned!) and Abo Shoes for a pair of brogues that need little introduction.

Or let the scarf take center stage with an outfit that plays with the notion of not-so-basic-basics. Gucci’s hand-painted jeans and H&M’s white tee provide the perfect foundations for an outfit built on subtle quirks. Marques Almeida’s soft pink leather jacket highlights the bull dog’s polka-dot tutu, while the accessories complement Mabon’s sense of humour without detracting— a pair of ‘look-at-me’ platforms, Yazbukey’s kitsch bag and Doodad and Fandango’s surreal earrings. But don’t forget…every dress-up box MUST have a tiara!


Brad McGlashan

Huseyin Sami,   Untitled (PWGB)   2016, acrylic on canvas, 153 x 122cm

Huseyin Sami, Untitled (PWGB) 2016, acrylic on canvas, 153 x 122cm

Huseyin Sami’s work seems to lend itself to the art of the scarf. His unique material language of painting and his exploration of opening up a new creative space, seems harmonious with our own ideas of wearable art. Delicious Neapolitan hues of household paint seem to drape over the canvas exploring colour, form and materiality. It is this tactility that adds another element to our sizable silk twill design.

At our recent scarf-tying event in aid of Pratham AUS, it was fascinating to see how the colours and drape complemented each complexion, adding softness and style in an understated and beautiful way. The joy of owning and wearing this scarf, is that however you tie it, it will always look different — what could be more exciting than a piece that will constantly surprise?

Huseyin Sami is represented by the Sarah Cottier Gallery in Sydney, and the Sophie Shannon Gallery in Melbourne. Shop the limited edition scarf collaboration here.


Brad McGlashan

Nell,   Mother of the Dry Tree   2017, Synthetic polymer paint and mixed media on linen, wood.

Nell, Mother of the Dry Tree 2017, Synthetic polymer paint and mixed media on linen, wood.

AC/DC, the Virgin Mary and Child — a collaboration? Why not! Here at Skarfe we continue to explore the fascination and utter joy of turning a significant piece of contemporary art into something that is uniquely wearable, and more importantly attainable!

Imagine yourself swathed in the arm-like branches of artist, Nell’s ‘Mother of the Dry Tree’ painting, hung at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art, as part of The National: 2017. Rendered upon a luxuriously soft and lightweight cashmere and modal blend, this oversized piece is both haunting and seductive.  Fusing religious iconography with a rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic, our scarf exemplifies the way in which material and image combine to create its own distinctive art form. Nell’s work literally speaks for itself- with its wailing ovoid shapes that could possibly be singing a rendition of ‘Highway to Hell’. Now isn’t that an interesting thought?!

Nell is represented by Roslyn Oxley9. Shop the limited edition Nell collaboration here.


Brad McGlashan

Silk Art Scarves by Phillip Ayers is a luxury Australian label specialising in the creation of wearable art. Now in its second year, the brand presents the new 2017 collection, a mix of tonal shades and vibrant patterns.

The signature style of the brand is the artist’s vision expressed through abstract photography. His unique perspective is captured and fabricated on a range of high quality silks. The artworks are vibrant, and express the energy of movement, colour and light. As an avid traveller, Phillip Ayers shoots in locations around the world, in situations that evoke passion and romance.

Skarfe's product edit focuses on Phillip's Royale Collection, all produced on a high quailty silk twill, with hand-rolled hems. Each limited edition scarf measures a classic 100cm square, for an elegant, everyday outfit accent.

Phillip Ayers only uses SEDEX Approved suppliers. The scarves are ethically produced and created using environmentally friendly dyes and natural materials. The scarves are produced in numbered editions and are hand finished with rolled hems. 

Shop the new collection here


Brad McGlashan

East meets West with “When Opera met Jasmine”, the inspired A/W 2017 showcase of wearable wanderlust from Australia / New Zealand accessories label Bird & Knoll. 

Introducing six new additions to Bird & Knoll’s celebrated collection of luxurious, oversized scarves, each piece depicts an image of an iconic destination, captured via the camera lens of Natalie Knoll and transposed on to the wearable canvas of the scarf. Charting a rich cross-cultural journey, “When Opera Met Jasmine” traverses the globe and celebrates in the rich and colourful imagery of eastern and western culture. 

The collection merges designers Natalie Knoll and Macayla Chapman’s visual storytelling of far-flung global destinations including London, New York, Tuscany, Bali, New Zealand and Hong Kong, with their tactile cashmere-blend. This season the duo debut a stunning Italian blend of cashmere and modal woven in the foothills of Como, Italy. The new fabrication represents the perfect warmer complement to Bird & Knoll’s existing lightweight eastern wraps and the ultimate tactile harmony. 

“When we initially researched our signature composition we knew that we wanted cashmere, but as beautiful as it is it can ‘pill’ and ‘pull’. The modal, a fibre derived from the beech tree, makes it strong and hard-wearing and coupled with the cashmere it remains a beautiful soft canvas for our imagery. As well as its durability, it travels extremely well, packs really small and light and decreases very quickly when hung over a door or chair,” explains Natalie Knoll. “We love the versatility of cashmere and modal too,” adds Macayla Chapman. “So easy to wear as a wrap, a scarf, a sarong and a headscarf.”

The Bali, New Zealand and Hong Kong scarves are made from Bird & Knoll’s ‘Eastern’ fabrication, a lightweight mix of 10% cashmere and 90% modal. The Italian collection, woven in Como, Italy, is a slightly more ‘wintery’ combination of 20% cashmere and 80% modal, making for an even softer and more luxurious handle.

Shop the new range here


Brad McGlashan


We recently worked with Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) on a custom scarf design to accompany their major Summer exhibition, Tatsuo Miyajima: Connect With Everything.

Tatsuo Miyajima (born 1957, Ibaraki) is one of Japan’s most renowned contemporary artists, known for his sculptures and room-scale installations incorporating light and numbers. Tatsuo Miyajima: Connect With Everything is Miyajima’s first exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere. It encompasses his sculptural works, rooms and environments, and performance videos.

Time and its passage are explored through the works and represented visually by multiple, small digital counting devices. Miyajima developed his first customised digital counters in the late 1980s, using light emitting diodes or LEDs. These ‘counter gadgets’ remain central to his art today, their red and green palette expanding in the mid-1990s to include blue, then white, as LED technology developed in and beyond Japan.

The scarf features a detail of Warp Time with Warp Self (2010), a work which bathes viewers in immersive coloured light and mirrored finishes. The scarf is printed to 100% silk chiffon, with hand-rolled hems and is available exclusively from the Museum of Contemporary Art gift store for the duration of the exhibition (03 November 16 - 5 March 2017).

Plan your trip and buy tickets to the MCA exhibition here or to enquire about our custom digital scarf printing, contact Skarfe via email at


Brad McGlashan

Our 3 day 30% off Boxing Day Sale is on now! Use discount code THIRTYOFF at checkout until Midnight Wednesday AEST, to receive 30% off all purchases, and free global shipping! Or visit our new Hughes Street store, open 11am to 4pm between Christmas and New Years. Happy holidays and happy shopping!


Brad McGlashan

We're super excited to introduce VYF's second season of scarves, Jungle Boogie. 

VYF is a young emerging design team hailing from Budapest, Hungary. Their highly stylised, almost kitsch artworks combine elements of paper cutouts, illustration and photography. The works are then digitally printed to a soft silk cotton blend, and finished with bold silk satin trims.

Jungle Boogie features motifs of summery, suburban sprawl, in retro, Hockney-esque colourways. And if you've been on the hunt for smaller-styles of scarves, the range also includes bandanas! Shop the collection now.


Brad McGlashan

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 10.42.58 am.jpg

As you may have heard, Skarfe has just moved around the corner to a new location at 8A Hughes Street, Potts Point! We'd like to warmly welcome you to our new store, and to celebrate, we are hosting a Welcome & Christmas Drinks evening on Tuesday December 13th from 6pm. As the festive season kicks off, come and peruse our luxury scarf lines which make excellent gifts for family and friends. With a choice of designer new arrivals and Skarfe's classic cashmere range, you won't want to miss the opportunity to select a stunning scarf (or two) for your loved ones this Christmas! We look forward to embarking on this new chapter with you all!